Ceramic Art


As a young child, I felt an early connection to what adults would call « inanimate objects ». Threes, rocks, plants, exuded something close to emotion and I thought I could sense it. I started my pagan silent conversation without dissociating vegetal, mineral, animal and human. Everything seemed to me held together by a same emotion.

In my city life, I receded from this emotion, lost track of this connection between all, and finally lost myself.

One morning, I traveled wishing a vision back to my 7th birthday, walked the old paths of my garden, sat in the fields and realized I had to make my inner child and my current adult self meet again, or I would be lost forever.

I left everything, my job, my family, and came to recognize I belonged to Greece’s Nature. For three years now, I went back to my old ways, of talking to the «inanimate» and their soul has started to create in me a series of deities that I pray to, daily.

These idols are a meditative offering, to express a gratitude towards people, moments shared, instants of comprehension. As I was shaping them, I realized they resembled gods of various archaic cults from pre mesopotamian to sumerian to egyptian to cycladic. I began to wonder if we inherit unconsciously from the past all those universal hopes and fears under the same representations.

Some of my sculptural clay work, including my two headed Goddess, small clay horses and a set of handmade red clay crokery, has been purchased by Molonglo Group for their new home in Koukaki / Athens.

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September 2020, I was presented among other ceramists in the “Ancient Vibe” exhibition curated by Mon Coin Studio in Athens.

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In June 2020, I was invited to take part in the group show organized by Sealed Earth Studio in Athens.