Ceramic Art


As a young child, I felt an early connection to what adults would call « inanimate objects ». Threes, rocks, plants, exuded something close to emotion and I thought I could sense it. I started my pagan silent conversation without dissociating vegetal, mineral, animal and human. Everything seemed to me held together by a same emotion.

In my city life, I receded from this emotion, lost track of this connection between all, and finally lost myself.

One morning, I traveled wishing a vision back to my 7th birthday, walked the old paths of my garden, sat in the fields and realized I had to make my inner child and my current adult self meet again, or I would be lost forever.

I left everything, my job, my family, and came to recognize I belonged to Greece’s Nature. For three years now, I went back to my old ways, of talking to the «inanimate» and their soul has started to create in me a series of deities that I pray to, daily.

These idols are a meditative offering, to express a gratitude towards people, moments shared, instants of comprehension. As I was shaping them, I realized they resembled gods of various archaic cults from pre mesopotamian to sumerian to egyptian to cycladic. I began to wonder if we inherit unconsciously from the past all those universal hopes and fears under the same representations.